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1. Cave paintings of the Barbaón Stream

Cave paintings of the Barbaón Stream

The Monfragüe Biosphere Reserve has one of the largest and most representative concentrations of cave paintings in the Iberian Peninsula, which are included on the European Cultural Itinerary of Prehistoric Rock Art Trails (PRAT). The most famous are those which can be found in the Cave of the Castle, but the Barbaón Stream near Serradilla contains the great hidden treasure of the cave art of the Reserve.

From the access points of the sierra to the banks of the stream, walls, grottos, and ledges shine with red, black, and white at the Mirador, the Espolón, the Paraíso, and the Friso del Terror. Marks on the rocks and mysterious personages painted with a brush continue to contemplate the passage of time, making this enclave a veritable open-air museum of incalculable value which is worth visiting and looking after.

Reasons for discovering it

The location is spectacular: a stream embedded in granite walls containing an infinite number of paintings thousands of years old, which have been left there by our ancestors as a record of their presence in these territories.


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