What do you want to do in the Reserve?

Hi, my name's Berto

I’m a black vulture from the Monfragüe Biosphere Reserve and I want to show you my home!


I’m in love with Monfragüe. I chose this place to live because here you can take part in all kinds of activities.

If you let me accompany you I’ll tell you the best kept secrets of my home. I’ll show you villages, routes, gastronomy, nature, traditions, and the most emblematic spots of this magical land.

With me you will discover a place full of possibilities.

You can take it from me that it’s worth it!


The black vulture is the most representative bird in the Reserve. It is here that the largest colony of these birds in the world can be found. They can easily be seen riding the winds of the territory with their majestic flight.

Moreover, this vulture is a key player in the ecosystem as it helps to maintain the health of the environment; it is an indicator of well preserved ecosystems.

What better than our mascot being this emblematic bird which everybody associates with Monfragüe!


The creation of the mascot is an initiative of Cáceres County Council with the aim of contributing towards the spreading of the values and resources of the territory

The Territorial Committee of the Monfragüe Biosphere Reserve proposed a black vulture because it considers it to be the most representative species in the territory. His name, BERTO, was chosen by surveying the children of the schools of the Reserve.

The person in charge of bringing Berto to life is Rubén Sánchez Ramos, a professional freelance illustrator from Malpartida de Plasencia. Rubén has been teaching artistic drawing and illustration at the Adult Education Centre of his home town for over a decade. In this video he explains the origin of the project and the creative process. 

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