What do you want to do in the Reserve?


The Monfragüe Biosphere Reserve has one of the clearest and best quality skies for astrotourism and star gazing. Thanks to the almost non-existent light pollution and its exceptional vantage points it has become a Starlight Destination (careful because we have to confirm this) and a place of reference for amateur astronomers. 

It is sufficient to have a telescope and basic notions of astronomy to enjoy a sky studded with stars which you will not have seen often; furthermore you can contact a local company for a more complete experience. From any of the vantage points of the Reserve you will be able to see the Milky Way with the naked eye and discover everything that the light of cities hides from us. 

For a more enriching experience, visit the Monfragüe Astronomic Observatory and take part in any of the activities it organises throughout the year.

Where can I take part in astronomic activities?

Places such as the Gypsy’s Jump or Monfragüe Castle are perfect for observing all the surroundings and for star gazing in a truly magical atmosphere. In Serradilla there is an astronomic vantage point known as Arroyo Malvecino which has informative panels on the Milky Way, moon phases, and circumpolar constellations. 

In Casas de Miravete there is also an open-air astronomic observatory located at the Era de los Santos, which in addition to informative panels has a night clock. In Torrejón el Rubio we can find the Monfragüe Astronomic Observatory which has a dome of 4 metres in diameter and powerful telescopes.

Other astronomic activities can also be carried out such as attending astronomic workshops, star gazing through astronomic telescopes or night binoculars, or night astronomic photography.






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