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1. Iglesia de la Asunción de Jaraicejo

Iglesia de la Asunción de Jaraicejo

The silhouette of the Church of Our Lady of La Asunción stands out from afar as we approach Jaraicejo but what is really impressive is exploring its narrow streets of white houses until reaching a huge plaza which is likely to amaze you. The square is dominated by the imposing stone façade of the church with its two round arches which give access to the interior. 

The church dates from the early 16th century; its construction was begun by the bishop of Plasencia, Gutierre de Vargas Carvajal, on a parish church which existed as early as 1284. Over the centuries it has undergone numerous alterations which have given it an eclectic style. It was sacked during the Peninsular War by the French troops who destroyed its most important treasures including the imposing main altarpiece. Even so the church is impressive owing to its size and the history which one senses between its walls.

Reasons for discovering it

It is a unique place; a church of huge proportions in a small village of white houses surrounded by dehesas. If its exterior is imposing, its interior is also impressive owing to its height and size. It should be explored so as to discover its altarpieces, choir, and ancient tombs, and the reason why one of its doorways has been bricked up since 1580.


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