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1. Ethnographic Museum of Serradilla

Ethnographic Museum of Serradilla

All the villages of the Monfragüe Biosphere Reserve share a culture and traditions which have been forged by the life of their people for generations; the best place to get to know them and enhance them is this curious museum of “daily life”. 

Kitchen utensils, work tools, and pieces of furniture which locals have contributed to the museum constitute its main attraction. Moreover, visitors can also discover the “serraillanu”, the traditional dialect of the village which was almost lost and is being recovered thanks to local interest and celebrations such as “Parlal Serraillanu Day”.

Reasons for discovering it

If you are over 60 years old many of the exhibits will be familiar; if you are over 35 you will no doubt have seen them at your grandparents' house; and if you are young you will discover the gadgets which people used for working, cooking, or enjoying themselves less than a century ago!


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