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1. Medina Al-Balat

Medina Al-Balat

Alongside the River Albalat sections of the ancient walls of the medieval Moslem town of Medina Al-Balat can still be made out. Behind them a small town is being discovered which stood above the natural ford to the river and had a spa, houses, shops, and workshops on a surface area of over a thousand square metres.

The excavation, which began in 2009, has brought to light several houses in which household items, tools, and even a couple of chessmen have been found. Thanks to the work of archaeologists we have been able to discover this town and find out that it became depopulated after a bloody battle during the convulsed years of the Reconquest.

A true archaeological treasure to understand and so get to know a little more of the past of the inhabitants of what is today the Monfragüe Biosphere Reserve.

Reasons for discovering it

This is the main archaeological site of the province of Cáceres where major discoveries have been made about the daily life, the food, and the culture of the people who inhabited this area in the Middle Ages.


The best idea is to visit it in the summer months when the archaeologists are working in the area and will allow us to see the excavation, as it remains covered for the rest of the year for its preservation.

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