What do you want to do in the Reserve?

Water Tourism

The River Tajo, the largest in the Iberian Peninsula, runs through the Monfragüe Biosphere Reserve to provide the backbone of the territory and its main natural element. The river has created the imposing crags which are today the haunt of vultures and eagles; it is also the home of many other species of birds such as herons and cormorants and supports a rich riverside flora. 

The Tajo is also a spectacular and different vantage point for enjoying the observation of birds and numerous other animals; it gives us a new and closer perspective than the habitual views from the vantage points of the Reserve. 

What water activities can I practise?

One of the best options for discovering the least known side of Monfragüe is going on a river cruise on the Tajo. From the jetty which is located on the CC 29.6 road between Serradilla and Torrejón el Rubio, a route of an hour and a half is followed upstream almost as far as the famous Gypsy’s Jump. A guide will accompany the cruise ship to give an informative talk on the fauna and the environment of the area.

Another option for enjoying the Tajo and discovering a different perspective of the Reserve is that of routes by kayak; it is ideal for active tourism enthusiasts who seek physical exercise in the open air while they enjoy nature. From the river we can get closer to the fauna which surrounds us and contemplate the bridges and crags from a different point of view.


Different Observatory

Enjoy a boat trip on the Tajo from where you can see a different Monfragüe. The route, which lasts approximately an hour and a half, is accompanied by a guide and allows you to observe numerous birds and animals in the Reserve.

Kayak routes through the Reserve

An activity for all

Exploring by kayak some of the most special places in the Reserve is highly recommended for the whole family. Numerous companies organise these excursions.

Local paths
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Rutas temáticas
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Other activities to enjoy the Reserve