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1. Transhumance Trail

Transhumance Trail

Nearest village

Villarreal de San Carlos



Leaving the route

Villarreal de San Carlos



Difference in height

604,28 m


2:30 h

Profile of the itinerary

Description of the route


The route is circular and runs for the most part on well defined dirt roads and on tarmac. It coincides with sections of the red and purple itineraries of Monfragüe National Park and includes a section with a very technical descent to the Arroyo de la Vid and the Old Bridge of Torrejón el Rubio, which owing to the difference in height and the stony terrain will require skilful handling or otherwise carrying the bike.

The route starts from the picnic area next to the chapel in Villareal de San Carlos; it crosses the main street towards the unusual huts where the red itinerary of Monfragüe National Park begins. Past the kitchen garden it falls to the Real Trujillana drovers’ road only to climb to the viewpoint of the El Cardenal Bridge (the look-out point where the River Tiétar flows into the Tajo). From here we will proceed via the EX-208 to the Fuente del Francés, the viewpoint of the Gypsy’s Jump, and Monfragüe Castle, all emblematic places both for the birdwatching they afford and their abundant vegetation. On reaching the entrance to the Las Corchuelas estate (close the gate after you and do not frighten free-roaming cattle), the route follows a dirt road as far as the Palacio Viejo, which is where the most demanding and technical section begins to the Arroyo de la Vid, the watercourse which is crossed by the Old Bridge of Torrejón el Rubio. This is the best place for taking a rest before starting a steep climb on which we follow certain sections of the old roadway. After reaching Torrejón el Rubio the return is initiated on well-surfaced trails of average difficulty along some 15 km of extensive dehesas of holm and cork oaks, closing the loop of the figure of eight described by the route, and from there to the EX -208 to ride in the opposite direction in order to again reach the start and finish of this circular route in Villarreal de San Carlos.

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