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6. Las Mestas

Las Mestas

PR-CC 68

Nearest village




Starting point




Difference in height

63 m / 63 m


4:30 h

Profile of the itinerary

Description of the route

The route starts from the village of Casatejada following the drovers’ road of Las Mestas, which allows you to see the magnificent Palacio de las Cabezas, before it reaches the village of Toril where the Biosphere Reserve Interpretation Centre is located. After a 90-degree turn to the south to take the La Aceña trail, it finally takes an easterly direction to pass the pool known as the Charco Salado on the trail of the same name on the way back to the starting point. It is easy to follow as all the trails are in excellent condition and there is virtually no difference in height. 

The route runs through the impressive dehesas which are part of one of the most relevant areas of this type of open woodland in the world. There is no doubt that the birds constitute one of the main attractions: the dehesa is the habitat chosen by thousands of cranes from central and northern Europe to spend the winter. It is also the natural feeding area of carrion feeders, which means that it is easy to observe griffon, black, and Egyptian vultures. 

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