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3. Chapel of Tebas

Chapel of Tebas

PR-CC 65

Nearest village

Casas de Millán


Round trip

Starting point

Casas de Millán


Very low

Difference in height

195 m / 195 m


2:40 h

Profile of the itinerary

Description of the route

The route starts in Casas de Millán on the Serradilla road and makes for the Chapel of Tebas through one of the most beautiful dehesa landscapes in the Reserve to end at the El Chaval Mill on the Castaño Stream.

It is an easy route which follows trails in very good condition over a distance of 11.2 kilometres there and back, which overcome the difference in height as far as the Castaño Stream with relatively gentle slopes.

For the most part it runs through a gentle undulating dehesa of holm oaks but as we approach the chapel and the stream it becomes more winding and wilder with the appearance of some cork oaks and scrub consisting mainly of rockrose. At the Chapel of Tebas there is a recreation area where you can rest before tackling the end of the outward route, a fine riverside landscape of alders and willows framing the El Chaval Mill on the Castaño Stream. The mill retains most of its structure to form an interesting ensemble with the channel and the pressure pipe; it should however be taken into account that it is on private land. As for the fauna, throughout the route it is easy to see several species of woodland birds such as azure-winged magpies, chaffinches, warblers… and birds of prey such as buzzards, kites, and booted eagles.

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