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(Thematic Routes)

2. Arrocampo Bird Route

Arrocampo Bird Route

Nearest village




Starting point



Very low

Difference in height

5 m / 5 m


1 h

Profile of the itinerary

Description of the route

In the vicinity of the Arrocampo Reservoir there are five routes which start from the information point and the environmental education classroom on the edge of the village of Saucedilla. The main Arrocampo route (no. 1) follows the left-hand bank of the reservoir and its four hides. It is an easy route both because of the distance and because of the good condition of the trails and the almost flat relief.

It is practically a thematic itinerary for birdwatchers on which you can enjoy a wide diversity of birds such as the purple gallinule, water rail, little bittern, squacco heron, bluethroat, marsh harrier, and osprey. The four hides on the route offer good opportunities to watch these and other species; there are two more on the route of the Pools (no. 2) which runs on the other side of the reservoir. The circular Lesser Kestrel route (no. 3) is also very interesting as it passes a colony of this species on the church of the village and passes through the fields to the north.

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